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Bare Bright


Communication wire


Steel BX/MC

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Direct Burial

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Copper Coax

Aluminum wire

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We Only Sell to Domestic Buyers

BNC Recycling processes, recovers, and recycles copper wires and other valuable metals from consumer and industrial grade wires and cables, then returns them to the manufacturing system right here in the U.S. We have excellent relationships with, and access to, networks of foundries, mills, and scrap metal brokers throughout the country.    


We Pay Top Dollar for Your Wire recycling


BNC Recycling pays more because we recycle wire at our facility using state-of-the-art choppers, shredders, and wire strippers. Our unique recovery methods allow us to separate valuable metals from insulation—yielding raw materials primed for resale to domestic manufacturing markets. Because your wire goes straight to manufacturers, BNC Recycling can be highly competitive in the marketplace.


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